Engagement is my mantra. Working closely with the Impact Producer, in this case Jennifer Ekstrum, my job is to create a slate of partnerships and activities that that get our job done. We survey the landscape to identify groups that already exist that are aligned with our vision, and then we work closely with them to design events and communications programs that support both our efforts and theirs. For Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives, we see educational institutions, veterans, student organizations such as the Peace Action group, and even the Physicians for Social Responsibility as key bricks for building the foundation for our campaign.

We reach out to them directly to learn what kinds of programs are possible and the activities that will draw audiences ready to act. With their input, we collaborate to design a smorgasboard of events, and we look to measure the number of people that will see our films and shorts, the organizations that can host screenings, and the individuals we galvanize to spread the message in other forums. Whether we engage individuals or groups, our goal is always the same: To inspire them to action. If we can motivate the construction of peace parks, or encourage young voters to dig more deeply into candidates’ positions on the environment and war, we will have renewed a momentum with forward motion that can lead later to a paradigm shift with respect to our attitudes and the practice of war.

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