Elizabeth Bonker is a brilliant young woman who is also a nonspeaking autistic person. She learned to communicate by using a letterboard and spelling her thoughts out one letter at a time. Her dream was to start a nonprofit organization to advocate for and promote the right for all nonspeakers with autism to have access to communication and education. She and her family came to us at The Fund in her senior year at Rollins College and we helped her establish a nonprofit, we developed a marketing plan, designed a logo and created a dynamic website which went live just as she was graduating as valedictorian of her class.

Elizabeth delivered a moving valedictory speech which went viral. It was picked up by all the networks and has garnered millions of impressions to date. Elizabeth’s valedictory speech has become an inspiration for many. It has been featured in the upcoming book Say It Well, by Obama speechwriter Terry Szuplat.

Since graduating, Elizabeth has traveled to the UK, India, and across the US giving keynotes at conferences to change the way the world sees nonspeaking Autism. In December 2023, Communication 4 ALL launched C4A Academy, a program of internet-based instructional videos to teach typing to nonspeakers, free of charge. Below is a screenshot of the homepage of the C4A website.

Campaign Highlights

  • 20 community screenings October 2019 – March 2020, co-sponsored with Lightyear Entertainment; partnerships with over 20 nonprofit “recovery” and “prison reform” groups
  • Over 50 conversations ongoing including NACDL Annual Conference, Radcliffe Institute, Boston Fine Arts Museum, Annenberg Foundation, United Nations Association Film Festival, Morehouse College Institute for Leadership
  • First-ever National Virtual Screening, Q&A and Community Engagement Screening, Co-sponsor with California Film Institute, scheduled for late May 2020
  • 15 theatrical screenings in NYC, LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, Baltimore, Richmond, VA, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, Houston, Co-sponsor with Lightyear Entertainment

What You Can Do