Documentaries can change the world.  

We engage audiences who can make a difference.

Our Goals

Reimagine health care. Advance social justice. Protect the environment. Promote sustainability. Reduce recidivism. Enhance education.

What We Do

  • We are singularly focused on inspiring social change
  • Our currency: Documentaries. Documentaries that tell a story. Documentaries that make a difference.
  • Our calling card: Impact campaigns. Campaigns that raise awareness among key constituencies.
  • Our partners: Strategic co-distribution alliances that expand impact in the educational and consumer markets.

Featured Project

Moving Through Cancer

Chronicles innovative exercise programs throughout the cancer journey that have been proven to aid in recovery and prevent recurrence. Free on YouTube

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16 Bars

A riveting look at music made behind bars and the reentry issues that face returning citizens.

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Moving Through Cancer underscores the fact that exercise is medicine in cancer. More than 15,000 studies have proved that fact, but only 20% of all patients are told exercise can aid recovery and prevent recurrence. Created by the Fund in collaboration with the American College of Sports Medicine, this 20-minute film highlights inspirational exercise programs that are in place both domestically and abroad. Our goal is to distribute the film free of charge to everyone who has been touched by cancer.

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Campaign Highlights

  • Moving Through Cancer makes its debut on February 4, World Cancer Day, which marks the launch of a worldwide distribution campaign to reach cancer patients on a global level and inspire them to exercise.
  • Converted California’s third largest tourist attraction—Pier 39, 12 million annual visitors—from plastic to paper straws.
  • Created, co-funded first-ever Bioethics Film Festival at The Johns Hopkins University Berman Institute on Bioethics
  • 16 Bars: 20 community screenings; over 20 nonprofit partners; 15 theatrical screenings in 10 major US cities; first-ever national Virtual Screening, Q&A and Community Engagement Workshop.
  • Phil’s Camino: 5 fast-start Covid19-response virtual screenings for cancer patient support and advocacy partners; over a hundred community screenings; 10 “influencer” partners; Legacy Film Festival Opening Night.
  • Straws: Youth Impact Campaign – 65,000 student viewers in 200 classrooms; 20 screenings at 2018 EarthX Foundation.

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