In Our Own Hands

In Our Own Hands Film

Released in 2020 In Or Own Hands is an epic film about the future of healthcare and the coming age of “Precision Medicine”. Directed by filmmaker Elizabeth Horn, herself a mother of an autistic child, this project was filmed over a 10 year period following individuals and families as they navigated a health care system that did not have ready answers for their disorders. Nevertheless the love they all persevered and in the end succeeded in redefining what it means to have autoimmune disorders. The viewer can bear witness to how they triumphed and succeeded, in many cases reinventing possibilities and means to overcome their given circumstances. In Our Own Hands shows viewers the birth of the “Citizen Science” movement and will change the way you think about illness and how we can stay healthy.

The Fund was the Fiscal Sponsor for this film from the outset and our Executive Director, Steve Michelson was the Executive Producer and Co-Producer of the film. Lobitos Creek Ranch provided many of the production and post production services needed to produce the film. Distribution is through Bullfrog Films.

Since the release of the film, Elizabeth has gone on to create the 2M Foundation, dedicated to finding the answers of what causes autism. 2M is a leader in research, funding startups and supporting data tracking and technology that is setting the standard in this endeavor.

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Campaign Highlights

  • 20 community screenings October 2019 – March 2020, co-sponsored with Lightyear Entertainment; partnerships with over 20 nonprofit “recovery” and “prison reform” groups
  • Over 50 conversations ongoing including NACDL Annual Conference, Radcliffe Institute, Boston Fine Arts Museum, Annenberg Foundation, United Nations Association Film Festival, Morehouse College Institute for Leadership
  • First-ever National Virtual Screening, Q&A and Community Engagement Screening, Co-sponsor with California Film Institute, scheduled for late May 2020
  • 15 theatrical screenings in NYC, LA, Washington DC, San Francisco, Baltimore, Richmond, VA, Atlanta, Boston, San Diego, Houston, Co-sponsor with Lightyear Entertainment

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