Moving Through Cancer

Cancer patients are an underserved constituency when the subject is exercise as therapy. We believe that this film’s messages need to reach all patients, families and friends who have been touched by cancer.

Since 1970, more than 15,000 published studies have proved exercise is medicine in cancer. Even in brain cancer. That’s important to know for the more than 18 million individuals who have cancer worldwide. But only 20% of patients are told that exercise can aid recovery and prevent cancer’s reoccurrence.

Filmed over two years at major cancer centers in Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, California, Virginia and Denmark, Moving Through
Cancer chronicles innovative programs that emphasize exercise throughout the cancer journey, with experts and patients providing
first-hand testimonies.

The film details the tremendous progress that has been made in stellar programs such as the Maple Tree Cancer Alliance in Dayton Ohio, as well as by The Gift of Life in Texas, where programs address language barriers in non-English speaking groups as well as set models for implementation worldwide.

The film also documents Workout for Wellness, a brain cancer exercise program at the University of California, San Francisco, as well as Houston based MD Anderson’s Active Living After Cancer Survivorship Program at several locations in Texas.

Narrating the film is ice skating legend, Scott Hamilton, the former Olympic Gold medalist and World Champion. Hamilton is a three time cancer survivor who, at 65 years old, still skates and says, “The bottom line is just get moving.”

The film was done in association with the American College of Sports Medicine.

As a public service, the Fund is engaged in a multi-faceted campaign to promote and distribute the
film worldwide.

The book, Moving Through Cancer by Kathryn Schmitz, is available on Amazon.

The book website is

Campaign Highlights:

ACSM debuts film on World Cancer Day on Exercise is Medicine site

After 10 weeks, averaging over 300 views each day since debut (ACSM and Fund site)

MD Anderson ACTIVE LIVING AFTER CANCER features film in local workshop for health educators

UCSF features film in a hospital-wide newsletter for cancer patients, families, caregivers

Cedars Sinai adds film to syllabus for GRACE resilience and survivorship course

Cancer Support Community highlights film in leadership newsletter

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