Our Heritage


In 2008 Alice and Lincoln Day established the Fund for Sustainable Tomorrows as a 501©3 to launch and maintain an engagement campaign in support of their film, Scarred Lands & Wounded Lives. Professors at Columbia, the Days teamed up to produce a 5-minute trailer, and later with film students at American University, a feature-length documentary. Lincoln Day passed away in December of 2021. His memory and his activism since early childhood remains in our memory and our present work.

The film is a compelling exploration of the under-reported environmental impacts of and preparations for war. It confronts the immensely broad ecological and human ramifications of everything from technological development and natural resource exhaustion to weapons testing and modern warfare itself.

Today, over 12 years since the Fund’s founding, the film’s messages continue to be evergreen. By creating short media formats for social channels with our Fund’s team, Alice and Lincoln continue to partner with new groups to inspire action around this important issue.

Scarred Lands and Wounded Lives Reviews

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