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Becoming Part of the Change

We invite you to join us in accelerating social change. Our donors’ generosity is central to the media impact campaigns we fund. A campaign that has a committed constituency can attract both foundation grants and corporate underwriting, the sum total of which can be leveraged to sustain and grow impact over time. In fact, our donors ensure the Fund’s ability to effectively and efficiently address the “Impact Gap” between an important documentary and one that can produce results. And of course, it is our donors whose contributions will make possible the breadth, depth, reach, and ultimately, the success of our work, translating our vision of sustainable tomorrows to reality.

You Can Help Make Media Matter

The Fund For Sustainable Tomorrows is a 501c3 non-profit organization. By joining with us, you can be part of a select group of individuals committed to supporting the acceleration of social change through the use of media. With your participation you become part of the solution and thereby, can be both effective and constructive in removing obstacles that stand in the way of impactful change.

Help make media matter and consider donating to the Fund so that we may continue to bring you high-quality and engaging documentaries. On the PayPal form please tell us if you’d like to support a specific project.

Help Us Continue Social Change with a Donation

Donations can be made through our PayPal account (using the button above) and are tax deductible. Please make a copy of your donation amount through a screen capture or by saving/printing the donation page as a PDF.

Thank you for your support!

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