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STRAWS is a powerful documentary film about straws and other plastic pollution that inundate our waterways and oceans. The film entertains and inspires action. It illustrates how individuals, groups and business owners around the globe are reducing plastic straw use through education, outreach, policy development and utilization of non-plastic alternatives.

With colorful straw history animation and segments narrated by Oscar winner Tim Robbins, STRAWS is funny and accessible. The film provides an excellent hook for starting conversations about plastic pollution. It leaves audiences with a clear understanding of the problems caused by plastic pollution and empowers individuals to be part of the solution.

Five hundred million plastic straws are used and discarded every day in the United States alone. There is no recyclable plastic straw option and they do not decompose. These straws find their way into landfills or are littering our waterways and oceans. And this only represents a fraction of the entire plastic pollution problem our planet is facing.

Straws may seem small and insignificant on their own, but they add up and leave an impact on a global scale. Straws are such a simple thing to make a personal change about, and alternatives are readily available, such as paper, metal and bamboo. Once people become aware of the plastic straw problem, they naturally begin thinking more critically about single use plastics in general.

There’s a rising tide of individuals, businesses and public officials that are stepping up to be a part of the solution; and to help stop the use of plastic straws. STRAWS, the film, can amplify this movement and inspire a ripple effect, creating a sea of change around the world.

  • Spirit of Action AwardSanta Cruz Film Festival
  • Outstanding Achievement Award in Environmental FilmCayman International Film Festival
  • Best Documentary ShortRincon International Film Festival
  • Rincon International Film FestivalRincon, Puerto Rico
  • International Ocean Film FestivalSan Francisco, California
  • Hot Springs Documentary Film FestivalHot Springs, Arkansas
  • Barcelona International Environmental Film Festival Barcelona, Spain
  • Sonoma International Film FestivalSonoma, California
  • Newport Beach Film FestivalNewport Beach, California
  • Philadelphia Environmental Film FestivalPhiladelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Vero Beach Wine + Film Festival Vero Beach, Florida
  • South Bay Film + Music FestivalHermosa Beach, California
  • Cayman International Film FestivalCayman Islands
  • Illuminate Film FestivalSedona, Arizona
  • EarthxFilmDallas, Texas
  • Borneo Eco Film FestivalBorneo
  • Cinemambiente Environmental Film Festival Turin, Italy
  • Chagrin Documentary Film FestivalChagrin Falls, Ohio
  • Santa Cruz Film FestivalSanta Cruz, California
  • Devour Food & Film FestivalWolfville, King’s County, Nova Scotia
  • Kuala Lumpur Eco Film FestivalKuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • Awareness Film FestivalLos Angeles, California
  • Bahamas International Film FestivalThe Bahamas

Straws Reviews

Green Teacher
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"Celebrates groups that are reducing their use of single-use plastics...Overall, Straws inspires people to make a difference, one small choice at a time."
Dianna CohenCo-founder and CEO, Plastic Pollution Coalition
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"A fantastic dive into the absurdity of plastic straws. With an opening sequence narrated by PPC supporter and actor Tim Robbins and interviews with PPC allies Wallace J Nichols and Jackie Nunez the film is both an educational resource and a call to action."
Ed Begley Jr.Actor and Environmentalist
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"I highly recommend STRAWS as an educational and entertaining film about plastic pollution. It's brisk and engaging storytelling uses humor, fairness, and heart to inspire plastic use changes we all can do...especially no plastic straws!"
NSTA Recommends
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"Emphasizes how plastic detritus pollutes not only the land but also the ocean as it makes its way into the food cycle of avian and sea creatures...The message of plastic straw damage is stressed...Emphasizes the need to curtail the habit of using this non-essential plastic utensil by educating the public and purveyors of its danger."
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"Thought-provoking...This inspiring program raises important environmental issues and reinforces the positive effects of grassroots advocacy."
Library Journal
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"Director Booker keeps the tone light, avoiding too much trash talk. Most teen and adult viewers should be able to relate to this constructive video."
Video Librarian
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"RECOMMENDED. An effective approach to an ecological horror."
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"The film's message is clear: Avoid plastic packaging, especially straws, whenever possible."
Philadelphia Environmental Film Festival
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"Inspiring story of how it's possible to make a sea of change, one straw at a time."

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