…and what we do

We’re film buffs, filmmakers, film writers, and professional communicators. We are executive producers, producers, script writers, theatrical placement specialists, educational and institutional film curators. Our team is committed to change the world through documentaries and other media.

Our single focus: Making media matter.

Our legacy rests with our founders, Alice and Lincoln Day who, late in their academic careers, made their first film, SCARRED LANDS and WOUNDED LIVES and then joined with our co-distributor partner, THE VIDEO PROJECT, to pioneer community outreach strategies designed to “evergreen” the film. Now, as a 501©3, we are creating strategic partnerships to bring our film projects to a broad array of key constituencies. Think of us as “force multipliers.”

How? We cherry pick the documentaries on which we focus. We customize our programs to match the objectives of the committed filmmakers and the donors with whom we work.

We “map” the audiences we need to reach. We identify gatekeepers and other influencers with which to align.

We create partnerships to support:

  • community screenings
  • virtual streaming events
  • theatrical events
  • fund-raisers and special events
  • film festivals
  • social media campaigns
  • patient education programs
  • professional education webinars

And while our Fund is still young, our track record says we get the job done. Key to our successes are our co-distribution partners who are experts in theatrical, educational and institutional markets.

LIGHTYEAR ENTERTAINMENT, based in LA and NYC, focuses on the release of film and music.

THE VIDEO PROJECT offers to classrooms and communities a collection of films from over 200 independent filmmakers, all on critical social and global issues to help advance awareness and encourage action on the most important concerns of our times.

Interview with Steve Michelson, Executive Director of the Fund.

Steve discusses the evolution of documentary film making, how to create engagement and achieve social change for cause-based documentaries, and previews his online course, Making Media That Matters.

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